Monopolele is an exciting Mediterranean ukulele festival held annually in the charming coastal town of Monopoli, in Puglia, Southern Italy. This lively event brings together musicians and ukulele enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the unique sound and cultural significance of the ukulele. Attendees can expect to enjoy live performances, workshops, jam sessions, and plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. The festival offers a vibrant atmosphere that perfectly captures the spirit of Monopoli, making it an unforgettable experience for all who attend. All events but the workshops are free. No admittance fee. No need to book tickets in advance (but don't forget to reserve your place on stage for the open-mic). 

Beach Party and Evening Concerts

The main events of the fest are the evening concerts with artists from all continents!
The show will start thursday evening with a live concert straight on the beach of Porto Rosso  and  will continue in the three traditional evening concerts at Piazza Palmieri. Every night we will have three solo/group performers on stage and explore a sibling instrument of our beloved ukulele.

Parades, Jam Sessions and Open-Mic(s)

At Monopolele the fun starts way before the concert start and finish quite late in the night! Look at the program to learn about the parades that will make the streets of the old town resonate with our joyful ukes and don’t forget to join us after the main concerts to jam together way after the midnight hour. And, if you dare, register here (link) and perform on stage either at the start of our beach party or sunday afternoon at the San Pietro Church.

This year too we will have amazing special events during the days of the fest.
Adriano Bono will entertain us friday afternoon at the Porto Vecchio with a joyful one-man band show at the Porto Vecchio.
Saturday afternoon Giovanni Albini will delight us with a Concert of classical music for Ukulele Solo at the Teatro Radar,
Finally we will all dance together sunday morning at the Chiostro di Casa Santa with the Balfolk music of Marco Uku Fernani.

Daily activities for all at Palazzo Palmieri

Have you never played a ukulele in your life but always dreamed of doing it? Join us at Palazzo Palmieri for  completely free introductory ukulele lessons for everyone. We’ll even lend you the ukulele! Palazzo Palmieri will host an exhibition of fine instruments from primary vendors, an amazing living lab on liutery with Francesco Verginelli and a few more surprises you will learn when you will come and visit.


Have you always dreamed of learning from the masters? With a small contribution, you can participate and learn from our artists! Here you can find the programme and book your workshops!


Learn the details of the programme here
The program may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. In case of bad weather the main events will be held in Teatro Radar and the jam sessions at the Chiesa di San Pietro.


We created a WhatsApp community to keep in touch during the fest. Just follow this link or scan the qr code from your mobile and subscribe!