Evening Jam Sessions

Like last year, we will meet at the end of the evening concerts and until late at night to continue making music together! The opening of the jams this year will be cheered and enriched by a concert by the UkuleleTuesday who will accompany us and lead us in a choral moment where everyone (no shyness!) will be invited to play and sing.

The same formula will be repeated every night for three nights of magic and fun!


Finally, this year, the less shy can take a chance and play on stage for our unmissable Sunday afternoon open-mic. You can sing and play alone or in a group. The only limits are time (10 minutes) and your shyness! Register here!

UkuSpots and Parades

In Monopoli, the sea, the sun, the beauty of the city, good food, wine, and love will make you want to sing and play your ukulele!

Do it in the 5 UkuSpots that we will set up in the most beautiful places in the historic center to play together with new friends and let the whole world know that we’re having fun like there’s no tomorrow! Come back soon to this site to download the official Monopolele songbook, learn here about the exact locations in the city, and organize for the colorful parades that will bring music around the alleys!

Here are all the ways to come together with our ukuleles! Now, all that’s missing is you!

Mixing diversity makes parity. Come over and play for ukuality!