Alessandra Scaraggi e Irene Aliverti

Monopolele is a festival dispenser of joy, energy and creativity that generate special friendships. This is what happened between Irene Aliverti and Alessandra Scaraggi ukulelists, the first from Brescia (BS) the second from Aprilia (LT) who met right in Monopolele for the first time.

Irene after different musical experiences, at the threshold of forty discovered the greatest joy by slinging a small and very light blue ukulele from which she never separates herself and with which she loves to sing all the Beatles’ songs, but really all of them eh!!!

Alessandra started playing ukulele with Maestro Angelo Capozzi and then joined the teaching staff of the same school in 2018. She’s continuing her personal musical training also with Maestro Giovanni Albini, in the classical field and following other Masters of international level