Win a place in our sunday evening lineup!

Are you ready to perform side by side with our world-class artists?
Show us immediately what you can do! Share your video on Facebook and / or Instagram and use the hashtags #MonopoleleFestContest #MonopoleleFest. On Facebook please publish your video on our page @MonopoleleFest as well!

Play, sing, create and surprise us: the opening set of the festival’s final concert will be for the winner of the video contest that starts … now!

After having published the video, tell us with an email: write to info@monopolele.com, insert as subject: “Uke for contest”, so we will not lose sight of it and we can republish it too.

The artist or group with the most WOW video! will be invited to open the evening concert on Sunday 29 May!
What’s more, the winner will get a precious Mahimahi ukulele tenor and will be our guest the night of the performance!

Your video will show up after moderation on this wall.